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高考英语阅读理解精选5篇,考前做一遍(附答案解析) 第1篇 For her first twenty-four year, she d been known as Deb bie--a name that didn t suit her good looks and elegant manner. My name has always made



  For her first twenty-four year, she'd been known as Deb bie--a name that didn't suit her good looks and elegant manner. "My name has always made me think I should Be a cheer leader," She complained. "I just don't feel like a Debbie!"

  One day, while filling out an application form for publishing job, the young woman suddenly changed middle name, Lynne, for her first name Debbie. "That was the smartest  thing I ever did," She says now. "As soon as I stopped calling myself Debbie. I feh more comfortable with myself.., and other people started to take me more seriously". Two years after her successful job interview, the former waitress is now a successful magazine editor friends and associates call her Lynne.

  Naturally, the name change didn't cause Debbie/I.ynne's professional achievement but it surely helped if only by adding a bit of self-confidence to her talents. Social scientists say that what you're called can affect your life. Throughout history, names have not only identified people But also described them. "... As his name is, so is he..." says the Bible. For better or worse, qualities such as friendliness or reserves, simpleness or charm may be suggested by your name and encourageother people before they even meet you.

  Of course, names with a good sense can work for you even encouraging new acquaintances. A recent survey showed that American men thought Susan to be the most attractive female name, while women believed Richard and David were the most attractive to men. One woman I know turned down a blind date with a man named Harry because "he sounded dull". Several evenings later she came up to me at a party, pressing for an introduction to a very nice man with whom they looked at each other all evening. "Oh, 'I said. "You mean Harry? "She was ill at ease.

  1. Debbie's changing her name______.

  A. had actually little to do with her career

  B. was what she happened to do when filling out the form

  C. did have an effect on her success

  D. entirely contributed to her luck

  答案: C 指导:由第三段第一句话可知A错,B和D不准确。

  2. The author introduced Harry to the woman______.

  A. at the request of the woman herself

  B. to tell her that names didn't matter really

  C. to make her feel uneasy in mind

  D. the person is more important than his/her name

  答案: A 指导:由最后一段中“...pressing for an in troduction to a very nice man...”推测可知。presssb.to do sth.敦促某人做某事。

  3. The name Debbie may be connected with something______.

  A. huge

  B. quiet

  C. dull

  D. attractive

  答案: A 指导:cheerleader指带领观众欢呼的人,即常说的拉拉队队长,这样的人在生活中往往是又高又大、体格健壮的人,而作者说她的名字往往使她想起这个词。

  4. The best possible tide for the passage may be______

  A. Names are the most important

  B. Your name is your fortune

  C. Don't care much for names

  D. Names and making friends

  答案: B 指导:本文主要通过Debbie的例子说明名字给人带来的影响,故B最符合文意。


  Yang Yongfang used to take the bus to work. But, these days, when she takes a look at the bus, all she sees is "a big box full of people,all breathing in there. It seems very unsafe."

  And that means SARS. So Yang got out her bicycle and dusted it off. Other Chinese who, until recently, appeared to be moving away from the old mode of transportation, seem to he back riding as well.

  Of course, there's no shortage of bikes. There were plenty long before SARS showed up. But in recent years, private care have been growing in large numbers, crowding bicycles off the streets in some of the biggest cities. Now SARS has brought the bicycle traffic back. Crowded trains and buses look less attractive(吸引人的).

  In Shanghai 120,000 more bicycles were registered (登记) in April, well above last year's monthly average of 50,000.

  People's Daily recently reported that "bicycle" had suddenly become the third most frequently searched term on the nation's largest Web search engine.

  However, if bike sales continue upward, it could become a nightmare (噩梦)for traffic planners, who had to contend with the often deadly clash between bikes and motorized vehicles. Shanghai officially sees nearly one traffic-related bicycle death a day, a figure that many people here say is probably an understatement (少报).

  1. Before SARS broke out, Yang Yongfang______.

  A. was tired of going to work by car

  B. went to work by bike

  C. had already sold her bike

  D. went to work by bus

  答案: D 指导:由文章第一句可知。

  2. More and more people in Shanghai are beginning to ride, because______.

  A. riding a bike is much more convenient

  B. riding a bike costs less than taking the bus

  C. they care more about their health

  D. the government has been encouraging them to do exercise

  答案: C 指导:由于SARS的影响,越来越多的人愿意骑自行车而非乘车是从身体健康方面考虑。

  3. The writer of the passage______the phenomenon (现象)that bike sales continue upward.

  A. is strongly against    B. is for

  C. shows no opinion of    D. is worried about

  答案: D 指导:由“if bike sales continueupward,it could become a nightmare...可知。

  4. What is the best title for the passage?

  A. Bikes Sell Well in Shanghai.

  B. The New Fashion.

  C. Back to Nature.

  D. Shanghai Takes on a New Look.

  答案: A 指导:为了躲避SARS,人们又重新选择了自行车,从而导致了自行车的旺销。因此,将A作为标题,可以揭示出“triffic"与"SARS',之间在这一特定时期的关系。


  On hearing the words "Just do it!", you will know there is a Nike product nearby. If it's "Always Coca-Cola", you can be sure someone wants to sell you a refreshing drink.

  An advertising slogan is to a brand what eyes are to a person. The slogan helps people understand the brand better by telling them what it wants to sell to its customers. Good slogans leave a message inside people's minds. It's almost certain that every brand has a popular slogan.

  Here are a few examples:

  "Just do it!'--This slogan speaks out to teens. It tells them to do something, but only if they think it's worth it. And if so, why not do it wearing Nike?

  "Always Coca-Cola.' Coke's slogans change every few years, but this one has enjoyed a lasting popularity because it shows the brand's spirit. It seems to say "Coke is the only drink there is; there are no other forms of drinks."

  "Share moments, share life."  This slogan from Kodak connects photos and beauty. It takes people to remember the happy moments in life by taking photos of them using Kodak film of course!

  1. What would be the best title for the text?

  A. Just Do It!      B. Slogan And Brand

  C. Famous Slogans   D. What Is A. Good Slogan. ?

  答案: B 指导:A仅仅是一句广告语不能代表全文,C和D都是只提到slogan,而全文说明的是广告语和商标之间的关系,故选B。

  2. Which of the following can best explain the underlined sentence (Paragraph 2) ?

  A. A good advertising slogan should draw people's attention.

  B. A brand should have an advertising slogan just as people have eyes.

  C. An advertising slogan is as important to a brand as eyes are to a person.

  D. An advertising slogan acts as the eyes of a brand.

  答案: C 指导:画线部分句意为:广告语和商标之间的关系犹如眼睛和人的关系一样重要。

  3. The word "them" in the last paragraph refers to ______.

  A. people

  B. the happy moments

  C. photos and beauty

  D. Kodak film

  答案: B 指导:由最后一段"It takes people to remember the happy  moments in life by taking photos of hem”,可知them代替the happy moments.


  A few months ago, millions of people in London heard alarms all over the town. The Emergency Services, the Fire Departments, the Police, hospitals, and ambulances stood by, ready to go into action. In railway underground stations, people read notices and maps that told them where to go and what to do in the emergency. This was Exercise Flood Call, to prepare people for a flood emergency. London wasn't flooded. In 1928, people living in Westminster, the heart of London, drowned in floods. And in 1953, one hundred people, living on the eastem edge of the London suburbs were killed, again, in the floods. At last, Greater London Council took actions to prevent this disaster from happening again.  Though a flood wall was built in the 1960s, Londoners still must be prepared for the possible disaster. If it happens, 50 underground stations will be under water. Electricity, gas and phone services will be out of action. Roads will be drowned. It will be impossible to cross any of the bridges between north and south London. Imagine: London will look like the famous Italian city, Venice. But this Exercise Flood Call didn't cause panic among Londoners. Most people knew it was just a warning. One lady said, "It's a flood warning, isn't it. ? The water doesn't look high to me."

  1. What topic is treated in this passage?

  A. Possible Damages Caused by Floods

  B. Emergency Exercise in London

  C. Flood Emergency in London

  D. London Floods in History

  答案: B 指导:由文章开头四句可知B为最佳选项。

  2. What measure was taken against floods in London in the 1960s?

  A. 50 underground stations were made waterproof.

  B. Rescue teams were formed.

  C. An alarm system was set up.

  D. A flood wall was built.

  答案: D 指导:由文中“Thou加a flood wall was built in the 1960s"可知选D.

  3. The purpose of the Exercise Flood Call is to ______.

  A. train the civil service for the flood

  B. prevent the flood from happening

  C. fill people in London with alarm

  D. prepare people against floods

  答案: D 指导:由文中"Thiswas Exe?cise FloodCall,to prepare people for a flood emergency"可知选D.

  4. The author quotes (引述) 3the woman to ______.

  A. describe how frightened most of the Londoners were

  B. argue that it's impossible to prevent floods in London

  C. show that most Londoners took Exercise Flood Call calmly

  D. prove that the Exercise Flood Call did cause a lot of trouble to Londoners

  答案: C 指导:由文中"But this Exercise Flood Call didn't cause panic among Londoners”可知这名妇女的话进一步印证了此论点。panic意思为“恐慌”。答案显然为C。


  Doodles are signs which you draw unconsciously when you are holding a pen in your hand and just happen to start writing aimlessly. However, there is more to these" diagrams (图形) of the unconscious" than what you see. Free from the restriction of the conscious mind, they can be useful in finding your character and personality, and many of your secret hopes, ambitions, fears, and dreams.

  Faces are a sign of sociability or lack of it. If you doodle happy, smiling faces, you have a friendly, out-going disposition which people respond to, and you enjoy an active social life If your faces are bad, this may mean hating others. Faces  looking to the right are a sign of out-going personality and confident expectation about the future, to the left, a sign of shyness and self-control.

  Bare or narrow trees show a lack of warmth. You've probably been disappointed in life or could even be suffering from a minor illness that needs attention.

  If you build a house in layers (层), each layer separate,  you could be too proud, too eager to make your loved ones follow your order and jump to attention. A little untidiness in a house makes the people feel comfortable, safe and happy.

  If your doodle looks like a web, you are making a cry for help in solving a problem. You feel trapped, and are seeking a way out perhaps you even want to travel, try out new ideas and realize your ambitions. But you lack confidence to step out into the world on your own because of the web you've created around you.

  1. One can probably have the wish to be ______if he doodles a building with unconnected storeys.

  A. a leader

  B. a self-controlled person

  C. a shy person

  D. an attentive person

  答案: A 指导:由第四段第一句“follow your or der and jump to attention"可知A最佳。

  2. If you doodle a face, you may do any of the following EX-CEPT.

  A. lead an active life

  B. lead an inactive life

  C. want to get on well with others

  D. be in charge of others

  答案: D 指导:由第二段可知A、B、C三项都涉及而D未涉及。

  3. What does the underlined word "doodle" mean in Paragraph2?

  A. to draw without realizing what one is drawing

  B. to draw carefully and attentively what one likes drawing

  C. to write different things without certain limits

  D. to write at home, mainly on the wall

  答案: A 指导:由文中第一句话可知选A.

  4. What is the possible best title of the passage?

  A. Don't doodle, or you'll not be able to keep secret.

  B. Recognize yourself with the help of doodles.

  C. Doodling, an unpopular habit.

  D. Doodling may cause untidiness.

  答案: B  指导:由文章第一段最后一句知:从随意乱画的图案可以发现个人的性格、个性,以及许多不为人知的希望、抱负、恐惧及梦想等。故此,B最能概括文意。

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